4 Letter Mirror Accessory

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DIY for your lovely and elegant Room,it will be beautiful,dream house and love house

You can easily become your home decoration designers.

good viscidity,water resistant,suitable for most flat smooth surfaces without leaving residue,however a pre-test is highly recommended

This product can stick onto most hard surfaces such as painted and wallpapered walls,vehicle bodywork, windows,tiles,mirrors,laptop,fridge etc.

Weight is about: 10g

Material: Mirror Acrylic


Thickness :1mm


How to use the sticker:

Step 1: Make sure the surface you apply it to is clean.

Step 2: Rub over the surface of the sticker.

Step 3: Put sticker stick to wall sticker and place onto surface.

Note: 1. This product cannot be moved if it has been used.

          2. The blue layer on them is the protective film. when you tear off their protective film, they  will all show silver.