Large Glow In The Dark Fleece Blanket

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The blanket glows in the dark, it’s mysterious and interesting. 

The longer the blanket is exposed to a bright light source or sunlight, the stronger it glows in the dark and the longer it will last. 

The light from the blanket will not affect the children's sleep and will make them feel safer when they fall asleep. 

Super soft for a cosy bedtime, this cuddly blanket not only keeps you toasty but glows in the dark too! 

Snuggle up under a blanket of glowing stars and make bedtime magical! 

There's nothing better than getting cosy under a super soft cuddly blanket and this gorgeous blanket not only feels amazing, but it features glow in the stars too. 

A soft plush blanket that will fit a single bed, allow it to charge in the light throughout the day and come bedtime, the stars will glow brightly when viewed in pitch black conditions in an enchanting display that will be loved by kids and grown-ups alike!

Size: 127cm x 152cm

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