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Sweetie Grabber Machine
Sweetie Grabber Machine
Sweetie Grabber Machine
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Sweetie Grabber Machine

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This candy grabber is not only suitable for catching candy, chocolate, but also can be filled with candy, snacks and other small items. After trying a few times and getting the toy, they will change the joy of success and give for others More effort.
Perfect gift for children calf-made of non-toxic material, all bottom and edges are designed to be round, suitable for children to play. Your baby will benefit greatly by bringing this machine home. It is ideal for training their manipulation skills. Coin designs will help foster money awareness and know that instead of getting toys for free, they will appreciate toys more.
Easy to control-use the joystick control to move the gripper up, down, left and right, while aiming at the target toy, press the automatic retrieval button to try to accurately capture the prey, and complete the entire process of fishing and throwing. In addition, you can use the front Transparent window sees the whole process.
▪ Specifications:
Product size: 22 * 17 * 30.5 CM
Material: Plastic + Iron
Type: Claw Machine
Age Level:  5-7 Years 
Game Title:  Grab machine
Model:Music grab candy machine